B4ItGone Car Tire Pressure Monitoring System Solar Charging
B4ItGone Car Tire Pressure Monitoring System Solar Charging
B4ItGone Car Tire Pressure Monitoring System Solar Charging
B4ItGone Car Tire Pressure Monitoring System Solar Charging
B4ItGone Car Tire Pressure Monitoring System Solar Charging
B4ItGone Car Tire Pressure Monitoring System Solar Charging
B4ItGone On Console / External Sensor Car Tire Pressure Monitoring System Solar Charging
B4ItGone Windshield / External Sensor Car Tire Pressure Monitoring System Solar Charging

Car Tire Pressure Monitoring System Solar Charging

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Type: Junsun Intelligent Solar TPMS

-Solar power charging, SunPower Solar Board with 25% transfer rate,7% higher rate than others

-High quality solar board with long using life and works well in cloudy and fog day

-VA HD Advanced Technology LCD color displaying, High definition and contrast, clear to show

-Smart adjust screen brightness, save power and show best bright screen when alarm

-Rota-table Display, adjust the best direction of screen, help to keep driving safe

-Rear-time monitoring pressure & temperature of 4 tires

-Split screen display, display the pressure and temperature separately, clear and focus

-Low air pressurde/high temperature warning

-Intelligent Shock Boot when car moving, don’t need to turn on/off

-Wireless connect by sensors, easy install

-Build-in sensors and external sensors options, meets all your nee

-Freescale chip sensors and fit on almost 98% cars on market








  • VA HD Screen

VA technology HD screen with clear, bright and high contrast features. All information can be seen clearly. Intelligent adjust brightness. It will be best brightness when alarm, and low bright for standby.


  • Split Display Function

Show the tires temperature and pressure separately. Show most important information of safe car driving. Show tire pressure for 30 seconds and turn to show temperature for 10 seconds loop. 


  • Unique Rotatable Display
Rotatable screen, can adjust the best direction to read tires information. Make driving safe and convenient.
  • Smart Adjust Screen Brightness

When TPMS alarms, the screen will turn on brightest , and lower bright when standby. save power and protect the device.




Solar Charging


American SunPower solar board with monocrystalline silicon cells, the power conversion rate of up to 25%, 7% higher than ordinary sun power board. Superior performance and work well in cloudy and fog days.High quality sun power board with 5-8 years service life.

Notice: In general, one day solar charging can provide TPMS 3 days working on sunny day.





New Build-in and External  Sensors Option

OTS IP67 detection, no fear of high pressure car wash, water immersion, dust-proof, anti high temperature and cold. Rotatable build-in sensors, fit on most cars on market.










V2 : Stand on Console









                                            1. Rear Left Pressure                                      7. Pressure Unit

                                            2. Front Left Pressure                                     8. Rear Right Pressure

                                            3.  Solar Charging                                            9. Previous

                                            4. Warning                                                        10. Power

                                            5. Battery                                                          11. Next

                                            6. Front Right Pressure






                                1. Rear Left Temperature                                     4. Temperature Unit

                                2. Front Left Temperature                                    5. Rear Right Temperature

                                3. Front Right Temperature                                 6. USB 






Packing Included
Kit with Build-in Sensor (Option) Kit with External Sensor (Option)
TPMS * 1pc TPMS * 1pc
Build-in Sensor * 4pcs  External Sensor * 4pcs
Use Manual * 1pc Sensor Battery * 4pcs
Packing Box * 1pc Install Tools * 1set
  Use Manual * 1pc
  Packing Box * 1pc




Q: What is TPMS?
A: It is Tire Pressure Monitoring System and also call Tire Pressure Sensor. Make alarm and show car tires’ pressure and temperature.
Q: How long the sensor battery can use?
A: Build-in sensor: 5 years; external sensor: 3 years. We will offer all our customers free replace battery, and buyers only need to pay about 3-4$ for shipping cost.
Q: How to install sensors?
A: We suggest to install the build-in sensors by professional car center; external one install can read our page and manual for reference.  
Q: Does the solar charging work for cloudy day?
A: Yes. Normally, full solar charging can work for 3 days and it can work in cloudy and fog days.
Q: Can it work in snow day?
A: Yes. If the TPMS show “N5 Alarm”, Please don’t worry and just drive the car for a distance make tires moving. It will be ok. The external sensors will be affected by cold environment, just need to running cars.
Q: Does it need to connect car cigarette lighter for charging?
A: No. Normally it will charge by solar, but if you meet a very bad weather for a long time or need urgent charge, you can use the USB for charge. (USB not included)
Q: Does it need to turn on/off the TPMS?
A: No. It will turn on by shock boot and turn off if there is no shock for 10 minutes.





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