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B4ItGone Smart Phone Bluetooth Lock
B4ItGone Smart Phone Bluetooth Lock
B4ItGone Smart Phone Bluetooth Lock
B4ItGone Smart Phone Bluetooth Lock
B4ItGone Smart Phone Bluetooth Lock

Smart Phone Bluetooth Lock

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Touch panel, touch screen button design;
Touch screen password, mobile phone Bluetooth, touch screen password, mechanical key, three open door mode
Suitable for office, hotel, apartment, club ..home
Support garbled operation, with password blocking function;
The owner can add / remove remote users at any time;
User capacity of 130, according to increased demand.


Unlock method:Bluetooth (APP), code, mechanical key

Performance parameters
Effective distance: within 3cm
Password length: 4-8 bits
Door lock number: 001-130
Operating voltage: 4 AA alkaline batteries (4.8-6.5V)
Quiescent current: ≤ 30uA.
Working current: ≤200mA






Packing box 



If you want to replace new door , it is easy 








(Note: a phone can be connected to more than a smart lock, when the need to manage a lock, you should click on the APP into the door lock device, and then the next operation)
Administrator Bluetooth key: phone and door lock connected, open the Bluetooth, mobile phone APP, unlock with the phone.
Administrator password: After the phone and the door lock are connected, there is a permanent valid administrator to open the door password. )
Electronic key remote authorization: the administrator can instantly send electronic keys to other people's mobile phone APP, can limit the use of electronic keys, you can immediately freeze, thaw and remove the electronic key.
Password remote authorization: the door lock in the case of non-network, remote transmission can be a permanent password and limited password.
Password protection: When the wrong password 5 times after the smart lock automatically locked for 5 minutes; can enter the correct password before any number of passwords, just the last few for the correct password to unlock.
Automatic lock: unlock, can be set to unlock after 5-120 seconds after the automatic loc